It’s ‘BBB’, not the ‘BBC’

As of late, there has been some serious confusion as to the role ‘BBB News’ plays in reporting the ‘news’ as the blog interprets it.

‘BBB News’, better known to many as ‘Ben’s Bullshit Blog News’, sadly attempts to describe itself as the news organization of ‘cyberspace’. Worse yet, the blog dares to compares it reporting style to the award-winning UK news organization ‘BBC News’. Fortunately, there is an obvious FAIL in comparison between the two, as ‘BBC News’ reports the news, whereas ‘BBB News’ creates it’s own version of the news it selectively reports.

As Ben’s blog recently stated, ‘hour after hour’ .. ‘what could he (Alan) be working on?’. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Alan is possibly thinking the same thing in regards to Ben’s blog.

Within the past month, following a fallout with Hostmaster John over affiliation loyalties, Ben’s blog has been taking endless pop shots at the management of Fratpad, focusing on Hostmaster John. Pop shots that are entirely unfounded and poorly creatively written. Pop shots solely intended to mislead the blogs remaining handful of readers. Unlike Ben’s blog, ‘BBC News’ does not involve itself in childish character assassinations.

Ben’s blog recently declared itself a ‘competitor’ to Hostmaster John’s ‘network of sites’, in that the blog has traded its affiliation loyalties over to Gayhoopla. In doing so, ’4newsben’ was banned from being used in Fratpad chat. ’4newsben’ violated chat rules and was banned, in that by posting its blog link in chat despite repeated warnings not to. Unlike posted on Ben’s blog, the name ’4newsben’ itself was banned, not Ben himself. Benjy47 still retains unhindered access to the Fratpad site. This is yet another lie posted on the blog, merely to turn the members against the site’s owner, Hostmaster John.

Gayhoopla is a 1-hour LIVE site show, that is mainly staffed by former performers of Fratpad. This concept was mirrored from another site belonging to Hostmaster John, Fratmen.TV. Gayhoopla is owned and operated by yet another former performer, Landon (Fratmen Leo). Although some members of Fratpad too have changed loyalties, the majority of members remain loyal to Hostmaster John and Fratpad. For the same subscription price as Fratpad, members to Gayhoopla only receive 1-hour shows with the performers. Unlike Gayhoopla, Fratpad members receive 12-hours worth of shows, daily. Members would subscribe to Gayhoopla over Fratpad for a single reason, and that is to see some of their favorite, former performers that now appear on the site. This is the sole tactic in Landon’s disposal to sway members from Fratpad.

Following the loss of Fratmen Everett Saturday, Ben’s blog released extensive details of Everett’s real identity. This was after Fratland News posted the initial story, not disclosing Everett’s private details of the performer and/or his family members. Following Everett’s wife posting a plea on her official Facebook page asking for complete privacy, Ben’s blog decided to ignore the plea and publish the details anyways. An act that has now turned fans of Everett from further interaction with the blog. Information which later led to played a huge role in persons contacting Everett’s family through social media sites or other venues. This irresponsible, reckless behavior led to Everett’s family being unfairly harassed, whether unintentional or not. We received an email from a ‘family friend’ of Everett’s family, responding the reckless behavior of Ben’s blog. The contents of said email were also attempted to be posted on Ben’s blog in the form of a comment. Ben’s blog chose to not post the comment. Instead, an author to the blog, Matthew, posted an editorial in response to the comment. This certainly acknowledges the comment was indeed received by the blog. As of this morning, Matthew’s self-justifying, unperceptive ‘editorial’, for lack of a better word, has since been removed from the blog.

Ben’s blog tactics described here are certainly none that ‘BBC News’ or any other reputable news organization would take part in. This is the precise reason why it has always been a unwritten rule, members of Fratpad are prohibited to publicize personal information of the performers. This rule is to safeguard the privacy and safe of the performers, as well as protect the their families from any form harm.

We won’t bother going to greater lengths to describe all the unprofessional tactics Ben’s blog implements. The list is too extensive, as we do not want to give the blog any unnecessary attention on our behalf. In all fairness, we do invite you to witness for yourself, the lies, false innuendos or otherwise reckless reporting that takes place on Ben’s blog.



Should Ben’s blog be held accountable by its readers for the unfair treatment Everett’s family has endured, due to the blog’s reckless behavior?


BBC News is a registered trademark of The BBC.

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