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Broc Ross Plays on the Balcony

Starring: Broc Ross

Broc Ross, a tall slender 18 year old stud, is sunning himself on the balcony. The sun is coming down hot and heavy, and as the temperature rises, so does Broc. He begins rubbing his cock through his sexy underwear, his hand gently stroking his growing dick.

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Logan Rogue and Letterio Amadeo Suck and Fuck Raw

Starring: Logan Rogue and Letterio Amadeo

The minute Logan Rogue and Letterio Amadeo appear on screen with one another, their encounter explodes with passion — our videographer provided very little direction, and the final edit was put together with few transitions.

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Alex BCN Casting

Starring: Emilio Segura, Alex BCN

Alex BCN is a guy from Barcelona, he is top and has a big cock. For a long time he wanted to do porn but had some reservations, including that of being comfortable or not on camera. Emilio Segura, that you start

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Surfer Brett is Back!

Starring: Brett

Brett is Back! The popular, 19 year old, Uncut, Hungarian, Muscle Surfer and High School Soccer Captain takes us to his favorite Hawaiian, Black Sand Beach to go skinny dipping and jerk off in this EXCLUSIVE Video

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Jeff Niels and Phillip Anadarko FLIP FLOP

Starring: Jeff Niels and Phillip Anadarko

Phillip Anadarko and Jeff Niels found themselves asleep and horny in the same bed all cuddled up. After some thrusts between the two brought enough energy to actually awake them, they kissed. During the time,

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Shay: Solo

Starring: Shay

Shay has a lot of talent!

Oh, he is talented in the cock department, but it’s not just the size that makes him talented, it is the crazy cool muscle control he has!

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Samuel Colt and Bruno Fox

Starring: Samuel Colt and Bruno Fox

Inside knowledge is a great thing, and we get treated to exactly what the hot customer was jerking himself off to! Total Alpha males Bruno Fox and Samuel Colt fill our screens with muscle bursting from beneath their skin,

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Diego and Wagner fuck Nick North

Starring: Diego, Wagner and Nick North

Diego and Wagner have always been very muscular, but in the last months they have reached their strongest condition ever. Big arms, strong chest, the Wagners have become Uber-Hunks. Who wouldn´t want to cuddle with them? ;-)

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Skippy Baxter gets plowed by Jet in this hot video re-match

Starring: Skippy Baxter and Jet

My mate Skippy jumped at the chance to hook up with the lanky handsome Jet Wellington one more time after the very hot scene they made a few months ago. The guys were already worked up after having gotten naked out on the rooftop. When we headed by to my apartment

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Luke Takes On A Big Dick!

Starring: Luke Desmond And Jeremy Chris

We’re used to seeing hung uncut Luke slamming a hot hole, but when it comes to a hung twink like Jeremy he wants to experience the pain and pleasure of a good fucking! The big-dicked boys swap their shafts in a great oral session,

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